Rotho Babydesign Toilet Seat, TOP series (2 colours)

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Toilet seats have the advantage that they reduce the toilet opening. Thereby, they take away fear from the child to fall in the toilet. Moreover, children can copy better the behaviour of the adults. Besides, it is easier to clean than a potty.
The combination of toilet seat and stepstool is suited very well for smaller children. The child can reach the toilet seat then completely without foreign help.

  • suites on any toilet seat, easy to set up
  • double extension rim
  • destructure of mat surface: prevents the sticking of children´s skin
  • the high quality material provides a long life
  • Stylish children toilet seat from the TOP Bath-line
  • Classy alignment with effective high polished and structured surface 
  • Anatomical and ergonomical design 
  • Easy to install 
  • Adjustable to any toilet seat 
  • Dual splash protection 
  • Mat surface for optimum seating comfort and prevents skin from sticking  
  • Measurements: 347 x 265 x 132 mm 
  • Easy to clean: just wash out with soap water 
  • Made off high-quality, recyclable polypropylene 
  • Robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality 
  • Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution 
  • Label product: Made in Germany