Pacific Baby [non-insulated] GroGrow Steel Eco Baby Bottle, 10oz (3 Designs)

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  • Daily-use infant bottle [non-insulated] made from food-grade 304 stainless steel – more practical than glass bottles!
  • Our nipple is made in Germany with unique anti-colic™ and Acti-flex™non-collapsible™ nipples.
  • Exceptional view of formula through crystal clear nipples and with inner scale.
  • Use for 5 years by changing accessory drinking tops.
  • Tight fitting and long-lasting steel cap – no spills in the diaper bag!
  • Stylish silicone grip sleeve.
  • Unique neck seal technology prevents the formation of steel dust residue.
  • 98% reduction in liquid exposure to plastic.
  • Standard wide-neck is compatible with many other wide-neck nipples.
  • Fully compliant with all FDA and European Union safety standards.
  • Steam or UV sterilizer, dishwasher safe (top rack).
  • DO NOT microwave this bottle. 

The GroGrow stainless steel baby bottle is the leading option for mothers worldwide who do not want to use petroleum-based plastics when feeding their babies. The GroGrow is more practical than glass bottles as it can last for five years or more – growing with the child using Pacific Baby™ drinking top accessories. With its unique anti-colic and non-collapsible Acti-flex™ nipple manufactured in Germany, the GroGrow™ bottle offers a 98% reduction in plastic exposure compared to plastic bottles. It also offers an exceptional view into formula levels through the very clear base of the teat. If you’re tired of plastic baby bottles and want something longer lasting than glass bottles, then the GroGrow is absolutely for you!

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