NIP Orthodontic Wide Neck Glass Bottle, 240ml (2 designs)

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Patented product by NIP. Designed by professional orthodontist. 
Made in Germany. 
  • anatomically, orthodontic wide neck teat made of silicone
  • Anti colic vent prevents air from being swallowed, thus reducing the risk of infant colics
  • ACTIFLEX®-system prevents the teat from closing up, thus ensuring an even flow
  • evenly drinkable without frequently break off
  • universal size 0m+ with bride lip rest for a natural drinking feeling
  • extra thick perfect-fit flange for optimum non-drip fi t on the bottle neck
  • disk securely closes for a splash-free shaking and drip-free transport
  • extremely heat-resistant glass bottle body, smooth and non-porous
  • wide neck for easy filling and cleaning
  • cover prevents teat from dripping
  • waisted bottle body is easy to hold
  • available in size 150 ml
  • 0% BPA