Nimble Sticky Stopper Refill - 500ml

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The all rounded natural disinfectant

Nimble Sticky Stopper is a bleach-free antibacterial cleaner that uses plant-based ingredients to help you speedily remove sticky and greasy residues from a range of surfaces.

The gentle and natural disinfectant kills 99.9% of germs that take up residence on your childb s toys, play mats, bibs, high chairs and potties b as well as other surfaces like floors and tables. The natural germ-fighting formula wipes away nasties, leaving you with peace of mind and squeaky-clean toys.

The specially designed nozzle delivers a gentle foaming spray and ensures you get maximum germ destroying coverage and even surface cleaning.

The science-y bit

  • It cleans surfaces using coconut-based surfactants (a.k.a. cleaning ingredients) by dissolving sticky and greasy residues
  • It kills germs using lactic acid, a natural disinfectant from fermented corn, by instantly breaking the bacteriab s defensive walls

So easy to use

  1. Spray Nimble Sticky Stopper directly onto the toy or surface
  2. Spray will form a gentle foam
  3. Wipe the foam across the surface with a clean cloth and dry