Lifeplus Baby Portable Bottle Warmer

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New Lifeplusbaby Portable Bottle Warmer create hassle-free feeding, ensuring that your little one can always enjoy their meal at the perfect temperature anytime, anywhere and it's great choice for travelers. The baby bottle warmer gently heats breast milk and milk formula to body temperature in just minutes. Safer and faster than microwaving and other heating methods that are less precise, to protect your baby’s feeding essentials.

FAST WARMING- Perfectly warm in just 3mins for liquid, 5mins for milk. The warmer will has beep sound and automatically turn to constant warming mode at the temperature level you selected last time for 12H after a full charge.

MILK BOTTLE WARMING - you are able to heat up milk to a desired temperature level at 4 heating temperature: 37C,40C,45C,50C. Optimal heat tech to maintain breast milk's nutrition.

Big battery Capacity-With up to 8 uses per full charge. Full charge duration is ~3hours.

Easy to clean-Unplug (long press 2 seconds to power off) and make sure it is cooling down before cleaning the stainless steel parts.

**Note: Do not immerse it in water to clean. Please put on the dust-proof cover and keep the water-proof sealing ring intact during cleaning.

Compatible to most leading bottle brands, with no adapters needed for most 4.8cm wide neck bottles. Adapters available for other brands.Adapter 01 Glass/Pigeon/MAM(50mm),02 Dr Brown's/Pigeon/NUK/(narrow-36mm),03 Hegen (58mm) are provided.

Easy charging with only USB-C Port.

Comes with 12-months warranty (keep the receipt), 1-1 exchange basis.

**It is recommended to descale the bottle warmer every 1-3 weeks to ensure it continues to work efficiently.

1. Mix 50ml/1.7oz of white vinegar with 100ml/3.4oz of warm water, then heat for 30 minutes to descale the bottle warmer, till the incrustations in the bottle warmer are dissolved.

2. Clean and dry the stainless steel thoroughly.

Note: You can also use citric acid descalers. Please don't use other types of descalers.