Lifeplus Baby Digital Bottle & Food Warmer

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New Lifeplusbaby Digital Bottle Warmer makes feeding much easier, and it's great choice for new parents, caretakers and more. The baby bottle warmer gently heats breast milk and milk formula to body temperature in just minutes. Safer and faster than microwaving and other heating methods that are less precise, to protect your baby’s feeding essentials.

FAST WARMING- smart temperature control warms to the ideal temperature. It depends on milk volume/starting temperature/bottle material. At this setting, you are able to defrost/heat up your frozen/refrigerated milk/baby food (stir and check continuously) to liquid/warm state with a time selection of 2.5-8minutes. The warmer will beep five times and automatically turn to 24H constant warming mode at the temperature level you selected last time at WARM mode.

MILK BOTTLE WARMING - you are able to heat up milk to a desired temperature level from 37-60C. The screen will show real time temperature in degree centigrade.

FOOD WARMING - when your little one is ready to graduate to solids, the bottle warmer also defrosts and warms baby food containers.

STEAM STERILIZING-Place the bottle mouth down and pacifier in it, and filled with 30ml distilled water, up to 10minutes.

Easy to clean-Unplug and make sure it is cooling down before cleaning.

Compatible to most leading bottle and baby food jar brands.

Comes with 6-months warranty (keep the receipt), 1-1 exchange basis.

**It is recommended to descale the bottle warmer every four weeks to ensure it continues to work efficiently.

1. Mix 50ml/1.7oz of white vinegar with 100ml/3.4oz of cold water to descale the bottle warmer. Switch on the bottle warmer, select the milk warming setting and let the appliance operate for 10minutes. Leave the solution in the bottle warmer until all scale has dissolved.

2. Unplug the bottle warmer before you empty it.

3. Empty the bottle warmer and rinse its inside thoroughly.