CiPU "As-Is" Clearance Sale

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Asia's favourite no.1 Mummy Bag! 

✓ Brand new ECO Green series. Made of environmental friendly material. 
✓ Lightest functional diaper bag in the market
✓ Large inner space with multiple compartments/pockets
✓ Water resistant & repellant (interior & exterior)
✓ Celebrities' favourite mummy bag

CiPU As-Is Clearance Sale is a collection of CiPU bags & accessories that are brand new but are possible chances of leather deterioration over time on the small leather parts of the bag (as seen below):

CiPU bags available:

  • B-Bag (Regular,Mini, Baby & Jumbo sizes)
  • CT-Bag
  • DB-Bag
  • DT-Bag
  • DS-Bag


Free gifts for every purchase (available while stocks last):

  • CiPU Stroller Hook

  • CiPU Changing Mat (random colour)