Rotho Babydesign Foldable Bathtub Stand (Non-adjustable)

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Space saving and ready for use anywhere The bathtub stand can be folded up to save space, meaning that it can be used and stored flexibly, whether you wish to bathe your child in the bathroom or children's room. It can be set up an dismantled quickly with the handy click closures.
  • Rotho Bathtub Stand standard foldable

    • Folding.
    • Patented, safe 4 - point - support.
    •  Fixed Height : 950mm


  • Suitable for all Rotho Baby Bathtubs:

    • StyLe! Article 20211
    • TOP / Natural Stone Look Art 20001
    • Bella Bambina Art 20020
    • Fun and Organic Line Art 20030

    The bathtub is not included!