Lifeplus Baby Electric Baby Bottle Brush

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New Lifeplusbaby Electric Brush make your cleaning routine a breeze. Quickly and thoroughly clean your baby’s bottles, pump parts, sippy cups, and more with ease. Its high-speed rotation provides the deepest clean with gentle, non-scratch soft silicon bristles, hygienic (silicon dries quickly), to protect your baby’s feeding essentials.

  • WATERPROOF - the body of the bottle cleaning brush is made of ABS plastic that is IPX7 waterproof and sturdy.
  • BATTERY OPERATED & CHARGEABLE equipped with rechargeable battery that provides convenient wireless use; provided with a charging cable, can be charged from any USB port .
  • VERSATILE CLEANING WITH 360 DEGREE ROTATION - electric bottle brush cleaner with rotating silicone bristles will carefully wash a baby bottle with both a wide and narrow neck in a couple of minutes; effortlessly.
  • ERGONOMICAL -handle is designed from ABS material handle for comfortable grip.
  • ONE-BUTTON OPERATION - direct use by turn on button with LED POWER DISPLAY.
  • SILENT - operate with low sound level 54dB.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - besides cleaning baby items, Lifeplusbaby Electric Brush suitable use for flip top cap, water bottle, cup, kettle.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX - bottle brush head, nipple brush head, hand-held bottle cleaning brush body & supplied charging cable.
  • Comes with 30-day warranty (keep the receipt).

**Clean the body and head brush separately. Head brush can be rinsed with clean and boiling water for minutes. The body can be wiped & clean with wet towel.