Bambo Nature Training Pants, XL 18+kg, 18/pack
Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature Training Pants, XL 18+kg, 18/pack

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Eco-conscious way before every other brand.

Bambo Nature is the best GREEN baby diapers that truly care about your babies and their future environment.

All Bambo Nature diapers are certified free from harmful chemicals and allergens, making them safe and gentle on baby’s skin.

✓ No chlorine, latex, phthalates, PVC, perfume & lotion
✓ No heavy metals, allergens & harmful substance
✓ Skin friendly & environmental friendly
✓ Absorb 2-3 times more than other brands
✓ Flexible, ultra-soft & breathable 
✓ Certified by Asthma & Allergy Association
✓ Made in Denmark using sustainable resources

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